Emotional Stability with the new Ronin-M

Running across the studio parking lot with a Canon 5d Mark II attached to our new Ronin-M stabilizer left me not-so-sure exactly how stable this footage would turn out.  With the DSLR only a few inches off the ground and my pounding footsteps josseling the unit around, It was apparent to me that the footage was not going to be stable.

Not so.  As I hoofed it through the parking lot, the apparent vibrations that the camera seemed experience were actually “micro-corrections” (Can we use that word?).   Every shake and shudder that I created by manually holding the unit while running with it, was instantly corrected by a system of high-speed electronic servos that instantly counter-acted the shaky movements.

Here is a stabilized shot of Ryan.  This was shot on the 5d ii with a manual 50mm at f/1.2 (i think).

And another.  If you can forgive the exposures on this – the fly-around shot was entirely handheld and on foot.


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